Most of my friends know that when it comes to films, I can be a bit of an arrogant snob. This usually leads me to a lot of heated debates about different films. And that’s great because I believe that’s what films should do, spark a debate. And honestly, I would be the first one to knock a bad film. But every now and then, cinephiles or film snobs will knock down a good film for no good reason. Often only because it is popular.

I see this happening with Damien Chazelle’s La La Land right now. Firstly, by no means is La La Land a perfect film. It has its flaws, sure. But the amount of hate it’s receiving from Cinephiles is insane. And my only question is, Why? Just because it’s a musical? Just because it’s not angsty like ‘Whiplash’ (Which is my personal favorite film from the past 5 years, by the way)?

Though La La Land has received widespread acclaim from all sides, a majority of the cinephiles online are denouncing the film. I’ve read several articles criticizing the film for its simplicity. I even saw some people equating it to ‘High School Musical’. Seriously? High school musical? Fucking High School Musical? A popular Indian Indie film maker recently said that he walked out of the film halfway because it was that bad. Really? Is La La Land THAT bad?

Again, it’s not a perfect film. But it’s not a bad film. It has good performances, great camera work, a mostly tight screenplay, a good edit and a brilliant score. What’s the big issue here? Cinephiles should be happy that finally there’s a big Hollywood blockbuster which is not a superhero film. Because Superhero films have pretty much hijacked that space these days. It’s good that we have a film about humans that is doing so well.

Sometimes it just feels as if people want to hate on the film just because it’s being accepted everywhere. That would be fine if they had good arguments to support their claim. Which they don’t. They’re not anti La La Land. They’re just pro anti.

P.S – I’m not saying that you’re an asshole just because you didn’t like the film. That’s fine. I’m only talking about the people actively against it and talking smack about the film without good enough arguments.