Full disclosure, I’m an atheist. Which means that I don’t believe in religion, god or any other such related powers. And I know plenty of other people who also subscribe to this belief of non belief. Which is great. To me, religion is about death. It’s a way we comfort ourselves to the most important question of all time, what happens after we die? And atheists, for the most part, come to the conclusion that nothing happens. Which is a good way to deal with things, at least personally for me, because it shouldn’t take a divine gift or punishment to make us behave a certain way in life. 

Now, as an atheist, it is hard to imagine why people are religious. Okay, it’s not that confusing. There can be several reasons like lifelong faith and dedication, fear, a sense of communal belonging, etc. When I first started identifying myself as an Atheist, it was quite weird for me to interact with believers. Their beliefs seemed childlike, trivial and often more harmful than beneficial, even to themselves. So it was annoying for me, as an immature 9th grade kid to accept such things. But I’ve slowly come to realize why people don’t like atheism, arrogance. 

See, when you tell a religious person you’re an atheist, you’re basically boasting. Boasting your confidence in yourself rather than a higher entity (even if you’re not confident otherwise in life). You’re telling this person, by extension, that everything they’ve believed all their lives, is wrong. And let’s face it, the argument between Atheism (or non belief) and religion cannot be a subjective one. One of them is right. We’ll probably never find out who’s right but currently Atheists hold a stronger hand. Simply because there’s no proof of a god ever existing. 

I think people would be more accepting of Atheism if Atheists (like me) were not total assholes. For real. Atheists need to learn how to hide their contempt for religion. We come across as seriously cocky. Nobody wants to listen to a guy who openly mocks the greatest power in all the world’s (at least according to followers of religion) and prides himself in not believing said power. It must be annoying. And that’s why nobody really gives a fuck about atheists. 

Us Atheists need to learn how to be more sympathetic about religious beliefs (as long as they’re not physically harmful) and not be dicks about it. We need to learn how to not make fun of a practice, however stupid it may be (at least not openly). If we come across as arrogant pricks, which, let’s face it, most Atheists are, we’ll never drive our point home. Not that my personal aim is to convert anyone, but Atheists do need to be more openly accepted, and that’ll require more give and take.