Whew. It’s been really weird for the past 24 hours. Yesterday I wrote a post about BuzzFeed’s random article about a woman who is pretty. You can check it out if you haven’t. The thing is, that post sort of spiraled into small time virality. By that I mean that my blog received over 15000 hits just today. And it keeps on increasing. To put it in context, before yesterdays post my highest number of hits in a single day was somewhere around 300. So it’s kind of big for this blog. Even if a figure of 15000 doesn’t really mean much otherwise.

To be honest, I have my own vested interests. I want the blog to become bigger and have a larger reach. See, I’m currently making films and this is kind of the only way I can promote them. The only way I can make people click on the links of my films is by having a credibility online. Because sadly, unless you have popular faces around, nobody really gives a shit. Which is perfectly fair because no one owes me anything. So this kind of virality helps me. That said, I meant every word I said in that post and all other posts I’ve written, except for the satirical ones. I’m just being honest. 

I was wondering what I should write today. Okay, first off, for those who don’t know, I’m doing this exercise where I have to write one blog post daily for 365 days. I wrote 139 in a row and then took a break for a month. I continued day before with 140. So I kind of have to write a post today. Which left me confused. Because I know that this post isn’t going to be read by as many people. Which is fine. But at the same time, I didn’t want to just write something random. What if people still continued reading? In which case I should have written something radical. The nihilist in me wanted to write Part 4 of an ongoing short story of mine called ‘Vague Pizza’. It’s about an old, fading slice of Pizza. 

But that wouldn’t help me, right? In order to keep the momentum going, I decided I should write about another super relevant topic. About some major fuck up happening online, irrespective of whether I actually feel as strongly about it as yesterdays post. But I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Somewhere I feel guilt, because if BuzzFeed did not act like the pricks that they are, my blog would’ve never been popular and I wouldn’t even have the slight opportunity I have right now of promoting my work. It’s kind of fucked up that I’m benefiting from all this in a twisted way, even if that wasn’t the intention. 

I realized that writing about relevant things for no good reason is exactly what some “content” websites do. Which means that as a small (read : minuscule) time content creator, from time to time, even I think like them. And I hate that. For creators, virality is everything these days. And we often give in to those temptations and that just shows that there’s a little bit of BuzzFeed in all of us. Kind of like an appendix. Usually harmless, but if it tries to be too important, it can lead to death. So my point is, virality sucks and we shouldn’t strive for it. 

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