There’s a college going girl who’s conventionally pretty. 

Apparently this concept is too difficult for BuzzFeed India to comprehend. Because Yesterday they put up this “article” on their cancer of a website: 



Basically, a college going girl was standing behind Shah Rukh Khan when he took a selfie at a promotional event. Seeing as how India has basically just become one large, raging, hard on. Horny assholes on the internet started gawking over this girl. This soon became a very popular thing. So naturally, BuzzFeed, a website which only cares about their online traffic and engagement somehow found who this girl is and gave away her name and several photos. Now, I know what you’re thinking, she must have given her consent for this. Sure. But BuzzFeed, as an organization, should have the brains to not make stalking easier. 

Think about it, a lot of guys wanted to get in touch with her because, well, creeps. And BuzzFeed made it easier for them by giving her name, images and even her college. And guess what this led to? In the same fucking BuzzFeed article, they wrote:

She also said she now gets lots of people randomly trying to talk to her, and she has no idea how to deal with it. ā€œI never saw this coming. Iā€™m still pretty overwhelmed to be honest.ā€

By the way, the name of the dude who wrote this article is ‘Andre James Borges’ and you can click here to check out his facebook page. And just maybe start randomly talking to him in your free time. He might have an idea about dealing with something like that. Because right after the above line, he wrote “Soak it in”. Also, this was posted on their website yesterday where they stalked a woman and gave access to Thousands of people to her online profile. Today. FUCKING TODAY these assholes had the gall to put this article on their website:


I haven’t even started talking about the several different ways in which this is wrong. I was first just stressing on the security aspect. Coming to the other aspects, BuzzFeed is an opinion leader for a whole lot of dumb fucks online. And through this they continue to put up the idea that if you’re pretty, you can be popular. That objectification is cool and everything is skin deep.

I honestly (and obviously) don’t blame the woman for this at all. As it turns out, I have a few mutual friends with this woman and a couple of hours back, this showed up on my timeline from her profile: 



She had to actually put this up. The good thing is that at least she can promote her artwork through this. But the point is that idiots who worked at BuzzFeed (also at Indian Express who subsequently picked up this “story”) did not know any better. In the BuzzFeed article, the writer speaks about her studying design and ignores that to say:

“(She has) never thought of herself as a model, even though many commenters thought her to be so.” 

Which means that because she’s pretty, she has to be a model. I hate saying this because I usually hate people who read too much into these kind of things but this is pretty pathetic. I really cannot believe something like this is actually possible. But then the world is going to shit. The same way how nobody could believe that somebody who is not rich can be good looking with the Pakistani Chaiwala who broke the internet a while back. And that was great for him because he got a modelling contract through that but the story was promoted as basically “LOOK! He’s poor and also Good looking”.  Fucking idiots. 

What’s worse is that mainstream news media like the Indian Express also covered this whole story. How the fuck is this happening? Why? This goes much deeper than psuedo progressive websites like BuzzFeed. Are we so starved as a country when it comes to attractive people? Just go watch porn guys. Wank off at home and then step into the outdoors, or in the case of Andre James Borges, the workplace.