I sometimes wonder why we consider India to be one country. To me, a country is united by one specific thing, language.

Language is the foundation of society in the first place. Without language, we’re pretty much nothing. Language forms the basis of everything we do as a species. We are comfortable with people who speak the same language as us. Because we like to
feel understood. Everyone wants to be understood. So if language is the main factor that determines people as a whole, India would be really confused. There is a different language spoken in every state in India. And a different dialect in every district. How does a country like this unite? How do all of understand each other? Short answer – We don’t. And we never will. You can claim as much rhetoric or individual cases as you want, people just simply hate any group of people who come from a different background. It’s true. Every region of India has states that historically hate each other. Let’s look at some of

1. Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. Water.
2. Haryana & Punjab. Water.
3. Andhra Pradesh & Telengana. I’m guessing water.
4. Maharashtra & Uttar Pradesh. Auto Driving.
5. I’m sure a couple of states in the North East also hate each other about something. Momo market share, maybe. (THIS IS A JOKE. PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!)

So, we’re basically not one country at all. Despite SRK telling you that you’re one people in Chak De India. I think people often miss out on realities because of stupid optimism. When you look at India, can you see any common cultural value system between a Haryanvi Jaat and a Tam Bram from Tamil Nadu? Is there really a similarity between a Manipuri girl and a Kashmiri woman? There absolutely isn’t. Now I know some people will reply to that with some dumb rhetoric like “Love for India”, “Similar Aspirations” or some shit. But those factors are common with anybody from around the world. Because a guy from Tamil Nadu and a guy from Brazil could have similar aspirations. And also both of them probably love their countries. And in my head, all countries are the same. It’s just that every one has a different symbol. And that’s fine. In a world obsessed with
winning or losing, it makes sense that we have dropped patriotism down to a fucking sport. It’s fucking pathetic. One can see the relations between a sports team and a country and the similar way in which both their fans behave. Fans of a sports team
love rhetorically defending the team. Fans of a country do the same. Fans of a sports team love to sing their anthem in support irrespective of how unusual the place might be. Remember people in India getting pissed off if you don’t get up for
the national anthem before EVERY movie in a cinema hall? Sports fans love to represent their team’s colour or flag in any tacky way possible. Patriots do the same. And you get the drift.

BUT here’s the thing. For people to collectively support one team (country) then all of them need to be playing the same sport (language). It doesn’t make sense if there are two people are arguing whether Mumbai Indians is better than Manchester United.
Because they play different sports. And that’s why Indian patriotism doesn’t work. Because Language brings in not only the words which can be used for communicating, they also bring in a heavily biased value system. In India, most parents cannot even entertain the thought of their child marrying out of the state. Forget religion, country or caste. They don’t want their kids to marry people who speak a different second language even. That’a little fucked up for me to accept living in a country that boasts diversity with its Billion people.