I rant in this series on a given topic. 

Whew. This is the 137th blog post in this daily writing thing. I know I’ve cheated a bunch of times. Sometimes just writing a few words and calling it a post. Mainly because I can. I mean it’s my blog and I gave myself this target. So I sort of decide what the rules are. It’s been really difficult to update my blog these last few days. I was out of town for a music festival first, and then decided to stay away from home for a bit. Just to chill. And work on my screenplay which I’m currently writing. The way I justify myself for not updating my blog is by convincing myself that I started this blog in order to make it a habit of writing every day. And since I’m doing that with my screenplay anyway, it doesn’t matter if I update this fuck all blog or not. I’m even losing interest in the whole 365 thing. It’s fine, I mean it’s kind of a head ache, to be honest. But it’s fine, it’s also enjoyable. Sometimes I just lie for no reason. It’s fun. Sometimes my blog is taken seriously by some people on Facebook. Way too seriously, if you ask me. This has been a nice thing though, overall. I would recommend such an exercise to any writers out there. It really helps. I know you can write privately, but it’s much easier to cheat or escape privately. Online you gotta complete your challenge. Even if no one gives a fuck. Because it leaves a footprint. Whenever you go online, you’d realize that you haven’t been updating your shit anymore. And that kind of stings. So I’m gonna try to be more regular with this one and get as close to 365 as possible. Just so I don’t feel completely useless.