I started writing this blog mainly to deal with the issue of not writing regularly. Also because I had been writing too many screenplays and had sort of forgotten how to write regular stuff. like stories, rants, film stuff and more useless shit like that that. I genuinely believed for a while that Writer’s Block is not a real thing. I still don’t really think it’s that big a deal.

What’s weird is that I’ve come back to writing screenplays now and that’s being a little difficult. This is probably the first time in my life that I have faced serious writer’s block. It really sucks. Over the course of three years during college, I have written several screenplays. Mostly during the last two years. I NEVER had an issue writing those. I always managed to write something. Now I’m facing an issue. I’m unable to think.

Maybe I just need to work harder. This is really weird for me. I’m able to spew garbage on this blog every day but somehow I’m not able to write my screenplay. Maybe I should lay out some sort of schedule. For my degree film at college I wrote the first draft of the screenplay without getting up from my desk for 4 hours straight relying only on my notes. Without getting up to eat, drink, smoke or pee. Maybe I should do that again. Seems like a nice idea.

But this is a slightly more serious affair. So any of you writers have any suggestions to deal with writer’s block, please let me know. I can try anything. I’m taking suggestions on the internet. Fuck. But seriously, give me suggestions.