Since a large part of the internet (social media) has slowly become a place for sensitive and politically correct discourse, a lot of people seem to confuse things that are supposed to be funny as serious issues.  

Personally, when it comes to the internet, or life in general, I’m pretty much desensitized to humour. Even the most vile, horrible and inhuman jokes or comments make me laugh. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong. Things are just funny to me now. 

A lot of people confuse that for real, hateful thoughts. Which sort of defeats the point of that kind of humour completely. Because if someone says something extremely offensive as a joke, it does not necessarily mean that what they’re saying is funny. It’s the fact that someone says something so messed up that it’s unbelievable that someone could think like that. 

According to me everything should be laughed at. Given the right intent, timing and context, of course. When it comes to humour, intent, as Ricky Gervais once put it, is everything. And that’s what a lot of PC people and social justice warriors just don’t understand. They’re still overly sensitive about their beliefs. Which can be a good thing for the world if they would point their rage towards real life work and not Tumblr.