This is a satirical post. It’s not to be taken seriously. It’s about bigots. 

This one’s a little difficult to write because it reveals the hypocrite in me. While I maintain the idea that everyone should be treated without bias, I do have a prejudice I have not been able to get past. I am prejudiced against Gujaratis. 

If there are any Gujaratis reading this, I’m sorry, but this is just how it is. It’s not a major prejudice. It’s just small things. And here I will go to the very meaning of the word ‘Prejudice’. It means to judge something/someone before knowing all the facts. Pre – Judice. 

Almost every group of people I’ve come across, there is something I like about them. But there is absolutely nothing, NOTHING I like about the steretypical Gujarati culture. Maybe dhoklas but I kind of get sick of those pretty quickly.  Just by the way, I’m Punjabi and I pretty much hate the punjabi culture of ignorance and stupidity but Punjabi food covers all those demerits by a huge margin. 

Anyway, it’s not really a bias against the people, it’s more about the culture. I hate the music. I don’t listen to it, but for nine days every year, it’s shoved down our ears by neighborhood navaratri celebrations. I hate the food so I don’t eat it. But again, every now and then I’m not left with any choice. But I guess that’s not really a good enough reason to hate a whole group of people but I really can’t help it. Whenever I’m about to meet a Gujarati, I go with a little bias against them in my mind. And for me this happens with literally no other group of people. Again, I don’t really hate people from Gujarat but it’s more likely I’ll not like a Gujarati than someone else. 

I don’t know man, hate and bias is inexplicable sometimes. But I just had to put it out there. Better to let this shit out. If more people spoke openly about their biases then maybe we would be a much more clearer society. But that could also lead to riots. So maybe we shouldn’t openly talk about our biases. Shit.