I rant in this series on a given topic.

Fucking Social Media warriors, man. They’re such pricks. This is the thing about these douchebags, nobody likes them – except for their own kind. Seriously. All they do is bother people online. I’ve never met a single social media warrior, of any belief, practice what they preach in real life. I’m not saying all of them are such hypocrites but there is a pretty heavy majority of them. I understand that sometimes people put out some really horrible shit (mostly it’s right wing assholes, who I think are just as bad from the other direction) and you have to call them on it. But these self proclaimed warriors take it upon themselves to raise non issues for some twisted sense of validation that they receive from their own kind. It’s as if these people have still not figured out how the internet works. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK IF YOU’RE HURT BY SOMEONE. They don’t seem to understand that them get offended is hilarious to every one else. Also that people will say more hateful shit just to see them get pissed off. It’s fucking hilarious. It’s the classic rule of the playground – if you actually get hurt by someone’s diss, you’re likely to be tormented with that for life. But in a way I hope that these people stay the way they are so that the rest of us can take pleasure from them getting Triggered.