I Rant in this series on a given topic. 

While growing up, in my early teenage years, I’ve gotta say, I did feel a good amount of affection for the Country. I had some sense of Patriotism. But as I grew up, that feeling slowly started to vanish. Much like religion, I don’t feel patriotic anymore, at all. I know this is a hard concept to grasp for some people and I understand that. But it is what it is. I can’t help but see the pointlessness in Patriotism and Nationalism. A lot of people confuse that with being against the country. I have nothing to say to those people. Because I see birth as an accident. I never choose to be Indian. I could just as well have been born in any other country in the world which would require me to be patriotic about that place. That’s where the logic sort of breaks down for me. Either way, Nationalism and Patriotism have not always been positive traits. The Nazis were very patriotic. I can’t believe I just used a Nazi reference for an argument online. I’ve really dropped my standards. Sigh. Anyway, point is, I don’t really consider country borders to define my Nationality. That’s probably the most hippie thing I’ve ever said but it’s true. For all practical purposes, I am Indian, but I don’t think I have any particular attachment. As a film maker I would like to tell stories about India because I have lived here all my life. But no other reason, really. I hope I don’t get arrested now.