From the past few days, certain “content websites” have launched their latest form of online fuckery in order to gain more traffic for their Facebook pages. It’s pretty simple. They take a common Indian name, put it up as a photo (like the image attached with this post) and ask people to tag their friends who have the same name in the comments. Why, you ask? Because these people are talentless, filthy, mediocre assholes who have no concept of originality or self respect. And unfortunately, unassuming audiences give these people the tiny amount of their bandwidth and attention which these cretins don’t deserve.

This is a systematic dumbing down of our species. I bet nobody in any content house in the world ever uses the term ‘Smart Up’. It’s always ‘Dumb Down’. Content creators are serving to the lowest common denominator. And that’s an issue because it’ll always keep things static. People, like this kind of widely consumed content, will just become dumber. And then the robots will take over and make us their slaves because some fucking marketing guy wanted to “reach out to the stupid masses”. 

I wonder if these creators use the term ‘Dumb Down’ to hide their own lack of good ideas. Maybe these people just blame it on the public for their stupid ass content. Seriously, this is a new low in social media trends. Desperation for attention screams from this kind of thing. Now I know some of you might think that this is harmless but It physically bothers me that something like this is tolerated by people. I’m sorry, this is just too stupid to be allowed to exist. And I hope people will call these assholes on their bullshit and just dislike these pages because they are lowering our collective IQ. 

Lastly, Fuck You, BuzzFeed and everyone trying to be like BuzzFeed.