Clearly, the world is going to shit. 500 and 1000 ruppee notes are out of circulation to tackle black money or something like that. I don’t know. Also, that reality T.V guy is President of The United States. First of all, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Try saying that. Donald Trump is the leader of the free world. Dayum. 

To be very honest, I kind of wanted him to win. I really did. I told my friends too. I mean, we deserve this guy. Collectively as a human race. We really do. We were starting to get too comfortable in our Politically Correct identities. We were all becoming special snowflakes. This guy is basically a giant NOPE to all of that. It’s reminding us of what idiots we all are. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like him, I really don’t! I just wanted him to win because, fuck it. Why not? Seriously. What’s so special about us? We’ve already destroyed the planet. Even Leonardo DiCaprio said so. Donald Trump getting elected was the natural progression from ‘selfie sticks’, ‘safe spaces’ and ‘shaming anyone who doesn’t believe in our ideas’. I stand with every liberal, socialist idea but even to me, Political Correctness will always lead to this. Because guess what, that majority that sits on the ‘right wing’ loves to feel victimized. They love to make a big deal out of people not allowed to say offensive, bigoted shit and they’ll say things like “things are so sugar coated these days”. When that insecurity rises, they feel they’re being targeted by everyone and need a leader who “says it like it is” because of which they start listening to a thumb sucking baby like Trump. This is why I hate Political Correctness.

Us liberals around the world (I live in India) have shut out all the crazy people by labelling them crazy. You can’t do that. They had to be taken seriously. They weren’t and look what happened. 

But I say, in the words of George Carlin, ‘Relax, take a fucking chance!’. George was talking about terrorism but Trump comes pretty close to that so I guess that applies here too. I’m just saying, this is really interesting shit. Imagine being the last generation on the planet. Sounds pretty interesting to me. I think the next four years are gonna be interesting and most of all, FUN! That’s what politics is anyway. It’s entertainment for the masses. We’re all gonna wake up every day now for the next four years and log into Facebook just to see what Trump destroyed today. 

I think this is a glorious and extremely entertaining time to be alive and now that this guy is in power, our lives are about to become a whole lot more interesting.