This is a challenge where I’m given a random statement and I have to continue writing for 60 seconds from the same sentence. The bold words below was the sentence given to me. Feel free to comment sentences for future editions. Thank you. 

I was carrying a trishul in Gujarat in 2002 and I was disgusted by the acts taken place at the site just a couple of hours before I reached there. When I heard of the riots I immediately became a relief worker to clear up Trishuls from Muslim neighborhoods which were attacked. I was very heavily affected by the violent riots. The blood was freaking me out. I just stood there, looking at the Trishul and I decided to end my own life by sticking the Trishul up my butt. Nobody should have access to such a horrible weapon. So I stuck the Trishul up my butt in front of the refugees and they were crying because of the emotional moment they had just witnessed. Alas, it did not kill me, now I have to spend the rest of my life with a Trishul hanging out of my butt. People now confuse me for a Hindu fundamentalist so I figured I might as well go along with it.