This, as you can tell, is part Ten of an ongoing short story. Please start reading from part one for context. Thank you.

This is a pretty comfortable car. Expensive. It even has a Screen for movies and everything. This girl must be pretty rich. Wonder why she had sex with me. Maybe it’s because the disheveled look works for me. Huh. Who knew? This cigarette feels good. Especially after such amazing sex. This night has turned around for the better. She’s just staring into the sky through the sunroof though. I don’t even know her name. Maybe I shouldn’t ask her. She’ll tell me if she wants to.

“You know, you wouldn’t believe the night I’m having. It has been pretty rough. I have been walking for a while and you pretty much saved me. Could you drive me over to my house and we can just go up to my place and chill for a bit.” Yeah, that’s a nice ice breaker. Keep it vaguely casual. “I cannot do that. We have had sex only once. We need to have sex seven times before you can leave. Don’t worry, there is food and wine kept here for your rejuvenation.” There is a lot of food and wine in this car. I don’t know if I’m scared or happy. I mean, I can’t have sex seven times in a night. Or can I? I once heard of someone dying because of masturbating too much. I wonder if that also applies to sex. Probably not. But I shouldn’t test it. I should just get out. Maybe I’ll take a sip of the wine. Mmm that tastes good.

“Uhh, you know what, ma’am, I hope you have a good night but I cannot do that. I have to leave. I’ll just get out and walk.” Man, I hate walking but she was starting to freak me out. And the wine did kind of rejuvenate me. Now this door won’t open. I must be looking like such a noob right now. “This car is built by me. It’s called the OG aka Ogygia and it only listens to my command. You cannot get out. We have to have sex another six times”.

I need to drink more wine. This is going to be a long night. There is no driver. But the car is moving. She’s kissing me again. The wine is working. Damn it. I should stop this. This is freaky. How is she controlling the car with her mind. I wonder if the wine had hallucinogens. I guess I’ll find out in a while.