This is a challenge where I’m given a random statement and I have to continue writing for 60 seconds from the same sentence. The bold words below was the sentence given to me. Feel free to comment sentences for future editions. Thank you. 

I was the one that killed Osama, and i did it with a spoon. Nobody believed in me. Nobody thought I could do this. But then one day, I saw a spoon which was perfect for the job. We both knew what was next. Osama and his beard needed to go away. The spoon was becoming hot with anger. It needed to be slightly hotter to kill Osama. The hot spoon needed to be inserted gently inside Osama’s butt. I tried to make the spoon hotter with my warm breath, but it didn’t work. Eventually, I found a packet of hot schezwan sauce from a plate of momos. I quickly dipped the spoon in the delicious sauce and promptly put it in Osama’s perverted butt. It killed him instantly and then I proceeded to eat some momos with the same hot sauce. Mmmmmm.