This is a challenge where I’m given a statement and I have to continue writing for 60 seconds from the same sentence. The bold words below was the sentence given to me. Feel free to give sentences for future editions. Thank you. 

The twilight players are a troupe of dancers who featured in the Anurag Kashyao’s film, Dev. D. I love the film Dev.D. It’s such a brilliant treatment on such an old topic. The cinematography of the film is simply game changing for the Bollywood industry. I love the fact that this films had the crazy quirk of a real life group of dancers featuring in the film without any dialogue or context. The fact that Dev D treated its audiences like adults unlike other Indian films about love. It has been a landmark film in the history of Indian Cinema because of it’s unapologetic style. In fact, I think it has the best soundtrack compared to any other film in the history of Bollywood. And The Twilight players were a part of that.