One of the most remarkable changes in the history of cinema was when there was an evolution from shooting on physical film to shooting on digital. There has been another, very important, change in making films. Apparently, now films are made on Microsoft excel sheets. And Marvel’s latest fuckery, ‘Dr. Strange’ is a big example of this change.

I’ve had a problem with Marvel films since a while. To be honest, Marvel films are great to look at. They have brilliant visual effects but unfortunately, that’s about it. Pretty much every Marvel superhero movie looks great but their stories seem to be populist pandering at best and juvenile non sense at worst. It’s as if no one in the scripting or dialogue department gave any measure of a shit while making Dr. Strange. They were just way too confident in their VFX department to make mindless Marvel fans gush over the trippy visuals. Oh no, no, no. I ain’t buying your bullshit Marvel. Go back to the writing table for once, you assholes!

While I do admit, it’s not the worst of Marvel films, not even close. I can shit over Dr. Strange all I want, it does have some pretty trippy visuals. In fact, that’s a good enough reason to watch the movie on the big screen. But the clearly corporate formula applied to the film is hard to ignore. So they have a token Black character playing the lead’s friend. They have a powerful female character in order to satisfy the “socially aware” audiences. A pretty, fragile and cute female character to appease the “not so socially aware” audiences. They have a funny Asian guy to pander to the Chinese and other eastern audiences. I guess all they needed was an actor who already has a giant pop culture standing to draw in Non Marvel fans? Huh, What’s his name? Benedict Cumberwhat?

I hate the fact that Marvel and other super hero franchises have forever ruined the concept of a Hollywood Blockbuster. At one point of time, there were some big time, popular movies from Hollywood about real humans which we would wait for. The new super hero trend has completely destroyed that. Almost every other BIG Hollywood movie these days is about stupid super hero drivel. It’s fucking pathetic.

Coming back to Doctor Strange, I want to focus on one particular aspect that I hated about it – the humour. It’s not a funny film. It’s not supposed to be. Why does Marvel constantly try to supply us with over smart, arrogant, egotistical, male leads who always have a witty statement up their sleeve? They already had Iron Man for that. And Deadpool for the older audiences. Is it really necessary to give the same outline to Dr. Strange? Or is it because he’s already playing  a character who does that and will be easily relate-able for 13 year olds from Tumblr?
And Marvel always does that. They always try to shove in extremely cringe worthy humour during well paced scenes. They actually build up to great moments. In fact, if they did not try to make the film so obviously “for the masses” then I probably would’ve ignored the silly screenplay and convenient character manipulations. Hell, I would probably be enamored by the amazing visuals.

At this point Marvel films are similar to a batsman who scores 99 runs in a match, but gets out because of a hit wicket while tying his lace with just one run to win. It’s heartbreaking to see all those runs, and in this case visuals, go to waste.