I ramble in this series on a given subject. 

I’ll be honest man, I have pretty big ambitions. I try not to confuse them with optimism though. Because optimism is pretty stupid in my opinion. But, I am ambitious. I want to be able to master the craft of film making to the extent that I can make great films. That’s about it. It’s pretty important to have ambition, at least I believe so. It is what’s supposed to keep you going. Without ambition, every existential crisis would lead to suicide. Because of course there’s no meaning to our existence. So I’m just going to be a selfish prick and try to figure out my own meaning. You can commit suicide if you want though, wouldn’t bother me. Because maybe you have a lack of ambition. And that means you’re not going anywhere and you don’t want to. Which is your fault. I think I’m talking to an imaginary person right now. Anyway, that’s what I want to do in life, master film making. So I’m going to go back to trying that.