That looks tasty. Maybe I should eat it. But it’s gonna make me fat. Then no woman is going to like me. But I guess eating this tasty treat beats all of that. But does it really? Does it beat loneliness? Does it beat general sadness? 

I guess it doesn’t. But I don’t give a fuck, I’ll eat it anyway. I don’t want no permission from this world to eat things. I’ll eat what I want to. Even if it makes me look tubby. I’d rather eat tasty treats than be miserable. 

Would you buy me this tasty treat? It would really make me happy. Please buy me this tasty treat, my smile would be your reward. What? You’re saying you won’t buy me this tasty treat? But why? Why would you say something so mean? You still won’t buy it for me? Well, fuck you then! I’ll just steal it anyway. 

Mmmmm, stolen treats taste better. There’s just something about it that makes them better. It tasted so good. I can feel the sugar add to my diabetes. But that’s okay. A little diabetes never hurt nobody. 

What you looking at? I’ll eat you. Now you’re the new tasty treat. I bet you taste just fine.