I ramble in this series on a given subject. 

I think every one in the entertainment industry dreams of selling out one day. It’s what represents the “good life”. I don’t know. What even defines selling out? For me it’s just making shit that I don’t want to. Yeah, that’s a good example of selling out. I’ll starting a YouTube channel soon and eventually we hope to get advertisers on board so we can have some sort of revenue. I wonder if that’s selling out. Sometimes I wish money never existed. These are the thoughts that keep me perpetually immature. But that’s okay, I would hate being a mature person. Mainly because it just sucks according to me. But it would pay the bills. Whatever bills might exist. I guess selling out is not as simple as it seems. There are circumstances that can lead to that. I mean, you’ve gotta eat food, right? Great films don’t make for great meals. Maybe I’ll sell out one day. I hope I can.