Let’s just start by accepting that there is a lot of stupid bullshit on the internet. And that’s okay. That’s what the internet stands for. The fact that stupid bullshit can exist on the internet weirdly represents the democracy it boasts of. And that is a pretty awesome thing. But there is one recent trend that is just absolute garbage. There is no other description for it. I’m talking about “Trailer reactions”.

I’ll be honest, I actually like watching some gaming reactions. Like PewDiePie’s gaming videos. Because it actually involves some sort of work and I get to see something new because of his quirky editing. But there are some YouTubers out there have 100’s of thousands of subscribers and all they do is watch trailers of popular films. In fact, the recent trend among Americans has been to watch Indian film trailers and make reaction videos about them which end up being watched by countless lonely souls.

Finally, foreigners have figured out the one thing Indians strive for – Validation from white people. It’s almost as if every time any white person notices us, we Indians lose our minds. There are several of these professional reactors, most notable of whom is an individual called ‘Jaby Koay’. He knows absolutely nothing about cinema to the point that it’s embarrassing. His videos are cringe worthy to any self respecting person. I can’t stop hating this guy, he even addresses himself in the third person. AHHH, the fucking nerve of this talent less prick.

This dude pretends to understand Indian cinema and gives his grossly uninformed opinion on it and lakhs of Indians fall for his scam. He just gets semi attractive women to be a part of his videos so that some brainless Bollywood fans can feel proud of being validated by a white woman. How low can these people fall?

But you know what? At least he reacts to his videos. There are a bunch of these teenage cretins who just blankly sit in front of the camera while the trailer plays and at the end of it they just say something vague like “That was interesting. Looks great. Okay guys, please subscribe!”. These people are human parasites and I cannot get myself to believe that there are people in this world who actually sit around watching these non contributing douche bags on their laptop screens. It’s a sincere request to anyone who watches these things, please don’t, you bandwidth deserves better. Even Human degeneration Inc. or ‘Buzzfeed’ would be a better use of your time.

Now I know that some people are going to tell me that if I don’t like watching Trailer reactions, I should just ignore them. To those people I say Fuck you, go die in a ditch. Those views and subscribers could have gone to a place more deserving of them. Even the worst of short films or comedy sketches are better than these things because at least they actually put in some effort into it. Please don’t watch these things. They only exist because of us. Because we watch them. Views are the currency of the internet, let’s make these fuckers go bankrupt. Please? No? Sigh.