This is a guest post. Written by a dear friend, Bharat Misra. Send your complaints to him. I have nothing to do with this post. 

Imagine a pedophile’s daily life. Their most primal sexual urges are directed towards kids. It’s as natural for them to fantasize about child molestation as having sex is for you and me.

Imagine also the everyday struggle, the heroic restraint they must always observe to go against their natural sexual urges. Every. Single. Day. Their entire life hangs in balance if they falter even once.

In Hinduism, the principle of ‘brahmacharya’, or the act of voluntary celibacy, is lauded as a bona fide way to reach Godliness and attain ‘moksha’, or enlightenment. It’s a glorified idea of penance and self-restraint that great saints are said to have followed to reach an elevated state of being. Even Hanuman did it.

Every day when a pedophile chooses not to molest a kid is an act of brahmacharya. Same for zoophiles, necrophiliacs and all other sexual deviants who defy their natural urges to adhere to normal social life. 

It’s time to accept these people in the mainstream and support them.