I ramble in this series on a given topic. 

Religion is by and large stupid. Let’s get that out of the way first. I don’t mean to take anyone’s beliefs away but it’s an amalgamation of stories about partially fictional people who lived thousands of years ago and they, somehow govern a religious person’s life. I’m an atheist but at the same time I know that us humans are extremely erratic and we would’ve invented some other archaic belief to kill each other over if religion did not exist. This was very cleverly shown in a certain South Park episode. I’m not gonna tell you which one. Find it yourself, you lazy prick. Anyway, for now we have religion. Full disclosure, as a kid I was pretty religious. I mean I didn’t seriously pray much or anything. But I did believe in a vague idea of a religion/god. Even though I call religion stupid, I would never want to take that belief away from anyone. As long as their not being assholes about it, in which case it’s a witch hunt and nothing brings me more joy than to see a right wing religious dude run out of arguments. Oh, the satisfaction. It’s really something. People who keep religion their personal business are great. I mean I’m seriously jealous of them. I really wish I had the power of faith which could give me strength in difficult times. But that doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I come from a religious family and thankfully all of them are very moderate about it. I’m the only atheist in my family which, as you can guess, makes me the life of the party during religious events. My major problem with religion (apart from propagating violence, hatred, misogyny, etc.) has been the sensitivity of its followers. Why do I, an individual who doesn’t believe in fairies and demons, have to tip toe around the feelings of a person who does? I’m not saying that I want to be an asshole to every peaceful believer but non believers can almost never call out evil religious practices without receiving major backlash from certain groups because of their “religious sentiments”. This is an unsolvable problem, I don’t even know why I’m ranting about it. I think the main reason people believe in religion is because they want to make things easier for themselves by having a pre-decided morality line. Also because following that line is supposed to lead to some sort of divine reward. This is why I’m envious of peaceful religious people, they have the greatest escapist formula which I can only dream of. And I mean that with utmost honesty and without trying to offend anyone. Also, religion is lame. Why don’t you start dealing with your own issues and don’t let them¬†rely on an invisible dude who lives in the sky? I’m going to now proceed to drown my own sorrows in alcohol. I guess I’m not so different from religious people after all. Sigh.