I use the term ‘lame’ because really, that’s the only way to describe it. We were always a country of polarizing view points and ideologies. Which is perfectly fine in a democracy. That’s how it’s supposed to be anyway. But if there was one thing that always united us as a country was our hatred of politicians (read my post on ‘politicians and hate’ for an elaborate explanation on this). However, in the past one year we’ve stooped so low that we respect fucking politicians more than artists. Really, guys? One Gujju dude comes to power and we forget one redeeming quality we had as a country – seeing through political bullshit. 

We’ve always been a people with no real guts when it came to accepting opposing points of view. That was okay till some extent. But now, we actually trust scummy politicians more than people who create great works of art (read : Anurag Kashyap. I’m a big fan of his but that really has nothing to do with this). I’m not saying that artists are to be trusted by default when it comes to their world view, but they definitely rank higher than politicians who, going simply by statistics, probably have faced serious charges like rape, assault, intimidation, land grabing, orchestrating riots (huh, I wonder who?), murder, etc. But who cares about that? You have a Pakistani actor in your film? FUCK YOU, YOU ANTI-NATIONAL, LIBTARD, AAPTARD, NAXAL, PAKI, TERRORIST! 

I really don’t understand when we became so lame in this country. People in our country are obsessed with Bollywood. They will dance to every Bollywood song, even if it is ultra misogynistic, they will hound Bollywood celebrities for pictures and auto graphs, they will surround their whole lives with stupid celebrity gossip but the day any artist takes a real stand by going out of their way, we lose our minds. Suddenly the whole industry becomes full of drugs and whores and people will now realize, totally out of the blue, that soldiers are the real heroes. Which they are. So why didn’t these people always wait in line to click a picture with a soldier? (The last line is a bit simplistic but I hope you get the point). Also, to those people who are propagating a war against Pakistan, you do know that it’ll mainly be soldiers who will lose their lives, right? At least be consistent in your world view, you douche bags. 

An Indian stand up comic, Daniel Fernandes, recently put up a status about these self appointed guardians of our country. He said “You don’t love India. You just hate Pakistan.” I think that perfectly sums up what’s happening to a certain group of people in our country, who, unfortunately, are currently a majority of out population. Why are we targeting all our hate towards artists? (Mainly Because they’re soft targets) Why are we targeting the one industry of people who by and large preach peace and bring us so much joy? Why are we all becoming so lame? Why can’t we go back to hating politicians again? Why can’t we be cool again?