Today was my last day at work. I say that as if I have been working since years but I have only worked for an organisation for three months. It was nothing like I expected. Most people say that people are bound to hate their jobs and the organisations they work for at one point or another, however I genuinely loved working at the place (I wish to keep the name anonymous since I don’t have official consent to use it). Maybe it’s because enough time hadn’t passed or something but I’d like to believe that this place was really great with some pretty good people. 

Anyway, in spite of working at a place which gave me a lot of freedom, most importantly the freedom to experiment (heavily) with my work as a writer, I decided to quit because of a silly aspiration I’ve had of making my own shit, specifically films, which is one of the few things I really care about.  I call this a silly decision because of several reasons. Like a fall in income, rise in responsibility, intimidation of something new and mostly because I don’t know of anybody who would work for less than a year, especially a chilled out place where I worked at, before venturing into unknown avenues. 

Yet I am adamant on starting an independent thing along with a friend of mine simply because we feel that we have a lot more films to make and stories to tell before we start subscribing to the norm. We have no sound business model. We’re both idealistic kids. We’re very inexperienced with the workings of the world. All we have with us are our scripts, cameras (we’d like to get better lenses though) and just the right amount of naivete to push us into a spontaneous decision regarding our careers. But, fuck it man, let’s see what happens. 

This has been an incredibly difficult decision to follow through on which has led to countless nights without sleep which involved premature planning about the upcoming venture. So you mofos better subscribe.