I ramble in this series on one specific topic without any sort of structure. 

Let’s face it, I’m an upper caste, upper middle class Hindu living in a country with a Hindu majority, ruled by a right wing Hindu country. I’m an atheist but the above mentioned facts give me the privilege to choose my stance of being an atheist. In comparison, a young, dalit boy living in a village in any part of the country probably has no choice when it comes to picking a stance on religion. The caste system is something that makes me feel guilty for some reason. It’s probably similar to the ‘White Guilt’ that white Americans feel about the Black community. I’ve made a short film about caste and power hierarchies called ‘CowMan’ which I won’t link here right now because it feels wrong to plug it in here. However, if you’re really interested in watching it, leave a comment and I’ll link it to you. Okay the previous statement is a lie, because I want more and more people to watch it and that is part of my part phony / part real guilt. Anyway, in this film I show how a Brahmin (Upper Caste) gets bullied by Dalits. The film turned out well but I think I made it under a sense of naivete because I realize now how that film can be misrepresented as propaganda for Upper Caste scumbags. It was definitely not my intention but I can’t help it if people choose to view my work a certain way. I really find it pretty fucked up that something like the caste system openly exists within our country even today. Maybe I shouldn’t have made a film about it, or at least I should’ve made it simple enough to understand because it doesn’t really matter what people well versed with cinema think of the film because it’s not about them. I’m slightly ashamed and guilty for having shown a Brahmin boy being bullied by Dalits because that would probably never happen. But maybe that was the point of the film because I wanted to show how power and hierarchies are merely titles that can shift very easily depending on a situation. There was more to the film but in retrospect, maybe I should’ve made an empathetic film instead. I don’t know.