Hey guys! So lately some of my posts have been rather short and quickly written if any of you have noticed. I think I overestimated how much of a task writing one post every day would be but I can’t complain anymore since I’ve already written so many of them. But I’d just like to give a clarification to my regular readers (all three of them) about why I haven’t been able to keep up a better consistency in my posts.

Those of you who have read my film analysis posts would know that I’m planning on making film analysis videos soon. That has gradually grown as an idea into a full fledged YouTube channel where I, along with a friend of mine, will be making different kinds of content. I hope all you guys will watch and share that content because I will be shooting something again after almost a year and will need some serious validation.

Because of lack of time, I haven’t been able to focus on my blog posts a lot and I apologize for that. I’ll try to write more elaborate stuff in the near future but I’ve been busy with juggling work, the blog, developing the channel, sleeping, getting drunk, etc. Hence, some of my posts these days might seem incomple…