The Indian internet has been really burning up in the past few years. It’s almost as if we’re trying to catch up with the western world in terms of outrage. I’ve gotta be honest, it has been fairly entertaining for me. I love going to these shady facebook pages which radically support political parties just to see how the other half lives. Which reminds me, please go to a facebook group called “WE LOVE NARENDRA MODI” because it is amazeballs. There’s something quintessentially Gujrati about having a page supporting Narendra Modi in Capitals. Anyway, among all of the stinking shit that surrounds the Indian internet, there has been one sassy old dude who has been speaking his mind and deserves some credit. 

First of all try saying that name, ‘Markandey Katju’. It just sort of rolls off the tongue. For the uninitiated, Makandey Katju is an ex Chief Justice who was regarded as one of the fastest judges in the Supreme Court. Hence he is a well known personality. He is currently 70 years old and I’m guessing has a lot of free time on his hands. So now he has made facebook his muse. This guy rips on everyone. Even though he is followed by the press and is in the public eye, he speaks openly about eating Beef, being an Atheist and even called Amitabh Bachchan “A Big Zero”. 

When I think of old age, I want to be like this guy. Just ripping on every one and every thing without giving a fuck. He is currently being charged by someone for making a joke about ‘giving Kashmir to Pakistan if they also take Bihar along with it’. That is objectively funny, especially coming from an ex Chief Justice. It’s just nice to know that some popular personalities have the balls to speak their mind without being concerned about public reaction. 

It’s a lot of fun going through his news feed because he’s extremely regular with his hilariously articulated opinions about everything. I really recommend anyone in India who doesn’t have ‘offence-ivitus’ to check out his page on facebook for a good laugh. He’s the sassy grand dad that India needs right now since everyone seems to be professionally outraging about one thing or another (including me) while he’s out there “taking her easy for all us sinners”. That’s a quote from ‘The Big Lebowski’ that perfectly describes this guy.