In this series I ramble about a specific topic, this one’s about violence. 

I find Violence to be an extremely interesting topic. Which is ironic because I have rarely been in fights. Mostly when I was around 10 years old or something and I would get my ass handed to me every time and even though I felt bad (huh, pussy!), I’ve gotta say, it was a little bit of fun to be in a fight. Even if I was the one who got knocked out. 

What is it about violence that makes it so interesting? I think it’s the simple ability to dominate another human being completely. When you land a successful punch and the other person does not want to fight back, it must be an amazing feeling. I wouldn’t know. Very few of my punches have ever landed. I’m okay with accepting that.

I once saw a friend of mine having a verbal argument with another guy and they were really close to a fist fight and even though this friend of mine could’ve easily whooped the other guy, he broke down into tears for a brief moment. He tried to hide it but I noticed it. It was weird. Why would he cry when he could take that asshole down? It’s really weird, man. And this guy was all grown up and everything. Yet, something snapped in him and really confused me.

The whole world is obsessed with violence. I like to think that people who use violence only do so when they run out of valid arguments, but who am I kidding? If I had the inclination to be a ‘tough guy’, I’d be picking fights all the time. It’d be great! Every time anyone annoyed me, I could just beat them to a pulp. But that’s not how the world works, most of the time at least. I guess morals would play a role somewhere. More than anything else, violence is just a lot of good old fun. Not for the people on the receiving end, of course.