This post is about a simple and ambitious boy. His name is Jayant. 

Jayant was a very ambitious boy. Jayant had a lot of hopes and dreams. But he found it hard to achieve them because he was afraid of the bees of the world. The bees as in the honeybees. 

He tried to find a way to deal with the Honeybees. But that was turning out to be very difficult for ambitious jayant. Then one day he started a new organization called ‘We-Ed’ where he taught the rest of the human race to deal with Bees. 

Jayant killed all of the bees and was happy again. All of Jayant’s ambitions came to life. He partied with his organization, ‘We-Ed’ and had a really good time. 

But Jayant did not know what was about to come at him. He was going to be sad very soon. But for now he’s happy. Attached below is a present day photo of Jayant. He’s happy but he won’t be, very soon.