I’m writing this while sitting in a bus. I have a 4 hour journey ahead. It was a good weekend. But now I gotta go back. I guess that’s fair enough. I have been feeling pretty weak since a while. I don’t know what it is. I just feel like sleeping all the time. Sleeping brings me happiness. I don’t want to sound like a teenage bitch, but existential crisis sets in when you’re doing the exact same thing every day. I try to make it different. The consistency in daily actions is what brings in the weakness for me. Even then, I would rather have weakness or even an existential crisis than have real life issues like money and food. I can’t bring up this topic of weakness anywhere because I can’t explain it. It’s not physical weakness, it’s mental fatigue. Not that I have been thinking a lot about anything which could strain my Brain. Maybe that’s why I have mental weakness. Shit.