Me: Hey! Can I have a conversation with you? 

Him: No. Fuck off! 

Me: Why? 

Him: I don’t have to give you a reason, cumhead. 

Me: Okay, okay. Relax man. Can I just ask you one question? 

Him: Okay,  one question. 

Me: Why is half your face not visible? 

Below is a file photo of Mr. Ain’t No Woman.

Him: You can’t see my whole face because you don’t deserve to. You’re probably an alcoholic anyway. Alcoholics don’t deserve to see my whole face. Also Niggers. Or Women. Or any lower classes. I do believe in equal rights for animals though. 

Me: Woah! You’re a horrible person. 

Him: I didn’t want to speak to you anyway. Fuck off. 

Me: Fine.