Because I hate myself, I decided to watch ‘The Newshour Debate’ for the last couple of nights. After which I quietly cried myself to sleep. Since it’s Arnab Goswami’s show, even the titles have to be loud, for example – ‘Prime Time’, ‘SUPER PRIME TIME’, ‘THE BURNING QUESTION’ (This was actually a title for his show at one point of time. It even had a fake vfx fire which some poor intern probably had to take care of). This is supposed to be India’s most watched news show, so obviously it has to be gaudy as hell. The build up to the show has been edited like it’s an upcoming film in the Transformer series. I now know where all the retired T.V editors from ‘Star Plus’ went.

Soon after I watched his show, I quickly realized why I don’t watch T.V anymore. But it’s really scary that this dude is the most watched guy in India every night. I mean, just look at his show. It’s the opposite of a debate, it’s a monologue. Almost every “debate” of his begins and ends with the same opinion, which is always, SOMEHOW, the opinion he supports. But we all know that. We all know that his shows are just shouting matches filled with rhetoric. We all know how he doesn’t have even a faint sense of objectivity about himself. So why do we watch his stupid show? Are we all just lunatics who watch his show out of some twisted sense of emotional sadomasochistic pleasure? Are we a country of Idiots who just want to have their opinion validated by this insanely self obsessed man? WHY DO WE WATCH HIS SHOW? <– This is how he would ask this question.

However, I don’t wonder why he conducts his show the way he does. I mean, he is paid over a crore every month (Apparently. Not surprising). So that part is obvious. And I don’t blame him. It’s great that he’s managed to rip an entire country’s capacity to think all by himself. It’s a commendable feat. It’s really difficult. But he’s done it.
I’m just curious to know, from people who are not stakeholders in the ‘Bennett Coleman’ group, what is so appealing about this guy? He literally screams his way into all our homes. He attacks non issues towards soft targets and acts like the saviour of the Indian army. Arnab, those guys have guns, they don’t need your stupid ass to protect them.

Anyway, the previous two debates that I saw were to do with whether Pakistani artists in India should go back home / condemn the terror attack in Uri. I’m not going to give my opinion on this matter because:
a. I don’t care.
b. This is a non issue.
c. If I were to give my opinion I would be called Libtard, Pro Pak, Anti National, etc.

So during these debates, he went on a never ending rant about how these artists have to condemn this attack. First of all, how does it matter? Who’s benefiting from this at all? Sometimes I feel that Arnab does what I do with my blog all the time. You see I have to write one post every day for 365 days, sometimes I run out of topics and just write some random couple of words to pass through the day’s quota. I think when Arnab runs out of people to scream at, he takes on Bollywood. He’s actually had two, separate hour long debates whether Salman Khan saying that “Pak artists are not terrorists” is right or wrong. Two debates on this issue. And yet, we continue to watch his show which is the equivalent of a guy masturbating while looking at a photo of himself.

Also, he has a simple trick of creating chaos in his show. Every panelist who’s not in the studio somehow has a lag in their earpieces, especially if they’re the ones disagreeing with him. Being a part of the richest news group in India, I’m sure they can afford better equipment.

If even one person is reading this post, please don’t watch his show. Spare yourself from hours of self loathing. Just go re watch Breaking Bad or watch some porn instead. Porn would actually be much more healthier than his show. There’s actually a lesser amount of screaming in Porn.