I recently saw the Hindi film, ‘Pink’. It had a very important message for people in this country. That being, “No means no”. And it’s true. When someone says no to something, it means they don’t want to do the thing in question. Period. It’s important that people in this country understand this concept. Cause I have, on several occasions, faced the traumatizing situation of having to repeatedly deny people of certain things. Mostly at social gatherings. With friends or family. 

Let me explain. I am kind of an introvert. That being said, I enjoy the company of individuals. I feel every individual is fun to talk to if you pick out the right topics. Groups of people, not so much. Because groups of people, usually, are pretty stupid. Since they all have to drop their collective IQ’s to match that of the lowest common denominator. The problem with groups of people is that they need everyone involved in the group to do the same things. Mostly dancing. And I don’t like dancing. I do that very rarely and only if I’m drunk. 

During some social situations, I’ll be sitting there in the corner, having a great time with my whiskey. But somehow, that is unacceptable. So one asshole will walk to you, in all his extrovert-ish charisma and just assume that because you are introverted, you must be getting bored. And he will start by pulling your hand. The hand that was so neatly resting on your lap. He will have a cringe worthy grin on his face. You sip a little bit of your drink and tell him “No, thank you”. But that doesn’t matter. Because obviously, if you like to peacefully sit and sip on your drink, there’s something wrong with you. So he will pull you up and force your way to the dance floor. Everybody else up there finds this amusing. It’s harassment. But if you sit down again, you’re being “rude”. 

This situation gets extremely tricky with family. Because at least you can tell your friends to go away. But you can’t say that to your cousins and other assorted relatives. I’m sorry if I’m equating molestation with this. But dancing in social situations makes me feel really awkward, okay? It’s like my body trembles with cringe. I’ve never been molested (Even though once someone tried. More on that later) but I’m pretty sure it’s a similar feeling. Okay, I’m sure it’s not. I’m kidding. Or am I?

Anyway, my point is, if you’re the extrovert who likes to dance, do it! I think you have an amazing sense of confidence. Good on you. But don’t involve me in your debauchery of the art of dancing. I want no part in it. If I say ‘no’ I mean it. Leave me alone. Just because I like to sit alone doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with me. All extroverts just assume that there’s some thing wrong in being an introvert. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s a part of me that is an extrovert, but it’s the part I really hate.