Like every other person on this planet, I love music. A good song can make my day and a bad one can ruin it. I know I’m saying the most generic thing in the world, but it’s true. Music has been a huge part of my life and I take it very seriously, purely as a member of the audience. Because I can’t even begin to understand where good music comes from, so I won’t pretend to analyse any of it. This is just a miniscule way of showing my gratitude to one of my favorite band, Nirvana. 

Growing up in my adolescent years, my favourite band wasn’t Nirvana. It was The Doors. And at no. 2 was Deep Purple. Nirvana wasn’t anywhere near my top choices. In fact, back then I had only heard Smells Like Teen Spirit and some tracks from the album, In Utero. At the time, I was into more of a hippie vibe, which is why I was obsessed with Jim Morrisson. 

Then I was nearing the end of my 10th grade and almost all my friends were shifting to another school. The only ones who were staying in my school were idiots who I hated. I don’t know why, but during those two months, I only listened to ‘Man who sold the World’ (which technically isn’t Nirvana but I heard their cover so whatever) on loop along with a few other Nirvana songs. After that, for two whole years, I barely heard them. 

I had a pretty rough break up at the end of twelfth grade and I was about to move to a new city for college. I was happy to move out but the break up was really fucking me over and made the change really hard. Again, I started listening to Nirvana. By this time, I had heard all three albums by them (except for their demo album, ‘Incesticide’, which I only heard in my final year at college). During this period of sitting at home before moving to college, I would only listen to Nirvana and sneak some booze from the liquor cabinet in the nights.

Cut to three years later, I’m in my apartment starting to pack my bags since I’m going to be leaving soon. It’s been a rough week. I’ve screened my degree film. People liked it. At least they said they did. This was easily the hardest separation yet. I was going to have to try long distance with my girlfriend, live in a different city from my friends, start my stupid career, etc. But between these mature decisions and pot smoke surrounding my house, I can hear the song ‘Molly’s Lips’ (Another cover by Nirvana) play on my laptop. It’s what kept me sane. 

I know it’s the most cliched thing for angsty youths to listen to Nirvana,bit I’m sorry, this band has meant more to me than most things in life. And I can’t thank the three guys behind it enough, even if none of them will ever hear this show of gratitude (one of them by default, of course).