Me: Do you find it comfortable to be a woman in your position? 

Her: Hey! What do you mean? Just because I’m a woman, I can’t live in difficult conditions? 

Me: I did not mean to say that. I was just curious. 

Her: Well, you mind your own business now. I’m happy where I am. 

Me: Okay, I’m sorry. But can I take a picture of you. I’m just amazed about how you’re able to deal with life in spite of the harmful conditions that you face everyday. 

Her: Oh well, I guess then it’s okay. 

Me: Is there something you’d like to say that would pair with your photo? 

Above is a file photo of Ms. Armpit-y. 

Her: Sure. My name is Ampit-y. I think the death penalty is a shameful act of savagery practised by primitive idiots, lol.

Me: Thank you for this conversation, Ms. Armpit-y. I’ll just get out of your hair now, haha.