I’m an Atheist. I was bought up in a pretty religious family. But I decided that it was not for me. I have no problem with religious people who keep their religion to themselves. And I’ve also stopped caring about trying to explain the stupidity in religion or god because I know I’ll be talking to wall. So I don’t bother with that anymore. But there’s one group of religious people I do have a problem with, it’s the assholes who keep asking me to explain why I’m an atheist. Through this post, I’ll try to illustrate why the term ‘Atheism’ is basically meaningless and nobody should have to explain this ideology. 

The main reason why any Atheist should not have to explain themselves is because, Atheists are not the ones who came up with a weird story about a guy (different guy, depending on which country you’re born in) who controls everything. It’s religious people who came up with all of these extremely trippy, and sometimes well written stories. But that’s all they are, stories, at least according to me. Now, dear reader, let’s assume I meet you and I say that I believe I’m a bird and that all homosexuals should die because the bird King told me so. And you reply by saying that you think I’m an idiot and you don’t believe in any of that junkie bullshit, then it shouldn’t fucking be up to YOU to justify your opinion on it. If I’m the one who’s just making up hateful shit, then I have to do some explaining for it. 

And that’s the fundamental idea why Atheists are not the ones who should be questioned about their stance on this crap. I’m saying this only because I have been asked this question several times. In fact, sometimes people go out of their way to ask me why I believe in such a “radical thought”. That radical thought being that there is no universal imaginary friend. This one time, during some family gathering, a distant relative of mine overheard me talk to my dad about Atheism in passing. It was a personal conversation. My Dad is okay with it. This dude came to me and kept bugging me about “I’ve not seen tough times in life” and “it’s wrong to say such things”. He kept asking me why I don’t believe in Religion . This is the kind of Bullshit I’m talking about. And several people do that. It’s amazing how the irony of these situations is lost on such people. 

Now look, I’m not trying to diss all religious people. If praying and believing in something like that works for you, then great. I don’t want to be the asshole who takes it away from you. If praying to an entity without harming people gives you strength, doesn’t bother me! But I shouldn’t have to explain why I don’t subscribe to your delusion. EVER. So please, if you’re a religious person and ever meet an Atheist, don’t ask them why they don’t believe in religion, because no one has ever cut off a head, blown up a building, or lynched someone for eating beef, in the name of Atheism.