“C’mon boys. Show this snake who’s boss!”, I bet the snake cannot take on my five dogs. Maybe we should just walk away and let this snake be. I’ve heard that these reptiles are more scared of us than we are of them. Which is weird because I cannot kill it with a simple bite. The dogs are just standing between us. They are not attacking either. Such dignified creatures. I hope these dogs murder this snake. 

Actually no, that could cause trouble for the dogs too. A couple of them might die in the fight. Then again, I’ll have just three dogs to take care of. Yeah, that would be more convenient. But it’s really cruel of me to say that. Every one of these dogs is important. I should call them off, be the bigger animal. “Okay boys. That’s good enough. Let’s go”. Why aren’t they moving? I should give a visual cue and start walking. 

They are still just staring down at the snake. I think the snake is falling asleep. Wait. What are they doing?! WHAT?! NO! That’s nasty! “Boys stop eating the poor snake!” They aren’t listening to me. I miss the hobo. At least he would listen to me. These canines look blood thirsty. They are really going at it. 

Fuck this. I should start walking away. Fuck these dogs. The snake is dead anyway. These dogs are not going to enter my home. I should move slowly or they’ll follow me. Yeah, just tiptoe away. Fuck, he sees me. None of them are wagging their tales anymore. They don’t have that sparkle in their eyes anymore. They’re walking towards me. “You’re an asshole. Fuck off. We don’t want to come to your house either. Fucking dipshit!”. I should just walk away. Don’t want to be insulted by these dogs again.