There are some new concepts floating around the internet that, quite frankly, make me want to puke. First is this thing called ‘Click-bait’ which is, honestly, the biggest bullshit move to have ever existed on the internet since Catfish-ing. The other Bullshit concept is something called a ‘Listicle’. I’m going to address both of them in this post. And the headline of this post effectively mirrors both of these concepts. 

First, I’m going to talk about Clickbait. For the uninitiated, it’s when a bullshit website like ‘ScoopWhoop’ wants to push its re-packaged content and resort to manipulating the headline of their post to get clicks from users who don’t know any better. There was a time when this scam was used by fake ‘GET RICH QUICK’ websites, but then it trickled down to these “entertainment” websites. They know that nobody will click on their shit unless they manage to somehow manipulate the audience. In essence, it’s when someone puts up a headline that does not effectively mirror the content within. Very much like the post you’re reading right now which I’m using to drive this point home. It’s manipulation at best and garbage at worst. It goes something like this…


What the fuck does the above headline even mean? I will totally believe it. It’s a lame attempt to peak interest where there is none. The only thing that I will “NOT BELIEVE” or will “BLOW MY MIND” is reading a headline by these fuckers that reads “Hey, we’re talentless bullshitters who don’t even want to try to write something original, so here’s a couple of twitter conversations you could find on your own anyway”. That’s what I wouldn’t believe.
Click Bait is another innocent sounding tool that these new age “Social Media Managers” have given to ‘marketing’ their content. And before anyone tries to defend it, let me just say that this is NOT marketing because there is , often literally, no content to market. ScoopWhoop and ‘Buzzfeed’ started getting called out on this shit and they’ve kind of reduced on how often they use Click Bait. But just go to a website like ‘MensXP’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s pathetic and does not deserve any attention. 

Talking about pathetic things that don’t deserve our attention, ‘Listicles’. This is a more popular topic. That’s because everyone looks at listicles from time to time. The question here is of legitimacy. There have been some pretty well written, well curated lists since time immemorial. Like the recent list of 100 greatest films of the 21st Century that was curated carefully by numerous respectable critics. So I’m not talking about the lists that are actually curated by professionals. I’m talking about toxic waste like this…


The example shown above is not only an indication of their laziness, but also of how low these websites are willing to stoop to get those clicks. And ScoopWhoop is not alone in this kind of thing. These listicles are so pointless that it hurts. I once actually saw a listicle from one of these websites that said “15 things the film ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ taught us”. Why don’t you actually go watch the film and decide what you learnt from it? Nope. This list is enough. Forget the effort of actually creating a film. We should all just spend our time making these lists with whatever we want to say. I know a lot of people enjoy this kind of thing but a lot of people also practice Necrophilia. I’m not comparing the two, but you get the drift. This is not harmless stuff, it attacks our sensibilities directly. 

P.S – If you care enough and haven’t understood the point of this post yet, I am not quitting. Not yet, at least. 365 or bust. (This is in reference to a post I put up yesterday)