Warning –  This post is going to make me sound like an immature Hippie asshole. If you disagree with me on this, I really couldn’t give lesser of a shit. If you want to write your opinion on this, write your own blog post about it. If you’re okay with listening to an impractical and immature opinion every once in a while, then please keep reading. 

What is it about money that makes all of us so lame? No, really. We become lame because of money. I know this is said a lot but why do we let these things govern us? Maybe it’s easy for me to write this on a high end laptop, sitting in an A/C room. But even then, If you take me as a specimen, I am financially okay. Because of family money. I don’t spend a lot. I don’t have a lot of things I want to buy but I’ll be fine if shit goes down. So why am I taking decisions about my future based on money? What is this obsession I have? I’m really not able to figure that out.

I recently got my first paycheck for my job. Considering I’m a writer, it was a pretty good amount. I haven’t really spent a lot of it. I need to buy a new phone soon because my current one is literally broken. And I’m not using literally out of context. Anyway, I don’t know how to spend it apart from buying a phone. I really don’t. And then I think that I should save it. But then again, save for what? Probably for the future. That’s fair enough I guess. 

I know what I’m about to say might sound pretentious, naive, stupid and maybe even hypocritical but I really hope I never become rich. I mean stinking rich. I really mean it. At least in the present scenario. I don’t know if this immature opinion will change in the future, but I really hope it doesn’t. By not wanting to be rich I don’t mean that I want to die of starvation or anything. I just don’t want “to be rich” to be my ambition in life. Sometimes I look at people who are filthy rich and the way they behave, even if it’s unintentional, it just sort of puts me off. I don’t want to be that. Also, I’m not talking about people like, say, Bill Gates or Elon Musk who became awesome at what they do and were rewarded for it. But I bet that they wouldn’t have started out by thinking that they want to just have a ton of money. They started out with confidence in their ideas. 

I’ve had several conversations with several friends who tell me that their goal in life is to “Be able to afford every single thing in the world. From Cars to Planes”. I’m talking about these people. I don’t want to be like these guys. These people are so lame. I cannot understand how a human being can think like that. And I don’t mean to say that one shouldn’t earn money. Money is essential to survive and maybe a few perks every once in a while. But I don’t want to throw money around at every single thing that I face in my life. Again, I’m stressing on the fact that I’m not against money, I’m against the notion of wanting to own every single thing. For example, I might grow old and have enough money to buy a fancy car with fancier doors, but none of that is ever really going to compare to the 10 year old, partially broken down hatchback me and my girlfriend drove around during college. See again, money is also required to buy that hatchback, but it doesn’t make you a shitty person. But man, if you’re buying a car worth crores of rupees, you are so totally an asshole. No amount of advertisements and branding can change that. 

What I’m trying to say is that I’m trying really hard to break away from this whole idea of earning money to become rich. I’m going to try to be great at my job and content at whatever little family money I can use to support me while I try to make films. I know that I’m lucky to have a little bit of family money to support me, but I guess I’m just lucky then. I really don’t want to own a mansion and a supercar. I’m not trying to sound cool. I’m just saying that is all you want in life and that’s supposed to be a societal norm, then I’d rather sound like a pretentious hippie than sound like a gutless asshole. I know the first thing popping in a lot of your minds right now would be that I’m saying this because of sour grapes. If that’s your opinion, Fuck You.