In this post I will try to talk about why the Comedy Central show, ‘South Park’, is one of the most important T.V shows of all time. Hence, I will not be looking at the way the episodes are structured or even the brilliance of its unique brand of comedy in this post, however, I will soon write another post on the aforementioned topics. I’m not writing a long post because this one is just to show my gratitude towards the erratic duo behind the show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

I came across the show a little late in life. I remember being an Eighth grader and a few of my classmates talking about South Park. Since I live in India, it used to come on a channel called ‘VH1’ and was obviously heavily censored. I started watching the show casually at that point of time but didn’t really understand much because I didn’t get a lot of the references and most of the jokes were censored. Flash forward to first year of college, I was telling my room mate that I really like ‘Family Guy’ and he told me that it’s shit and I should watch ‘South Park’. So I started watching the show again, binge-ing on an uncensored version this time and my mind was blown. I saw nearly all seasons in a very short span of time and started reading up on every possible material written about the show. 

Now the two creators are my heroes for many reasons but mostly, I’m enamored by their route to success. These guys literally made an animated short film / virtual Christmas card and got a show to run in return. But they aren’t slackers, in fact South Park is known to have one of the most hectic schedules in all of T.V because they produce every episode within six days. And anyone who knows anything about animation, knows how much effort that would take. These guys are the ultimate rebels of Hollywood. They have a hit show where they fuck with almost every sacred topic under the sun, often literally. And nobody can do anything to stop them. For an aspiring film maker like me, that’s the biggest dream. 

Coming to their content. I believe these guys are the biggest pioneers in show business in recent history. The reason shows like ‘Bojack Horseman’ and even ‘Family Guy’ can do what they do is because of South Park. The show has taken on the right wing, the left wing and everyone in between. And that’s the best part about the show. The pure unapologetic nature of the show. They don’t give a fuck about who they offend because it doesn’t matter. In fact South Park often shits on subjects that I believe in, like Atheism, but I can’t help but laugh because it keeps me and all its viewers grounded. And that’s the point of the show. I love the fact that the creators are able to keep their opinions far away from the show and be totally objective about everything. South Park, undoubtedly, shaped the way for free speech in the T.V industry forever. 

Living in a country like India, where everyone is offended by everything, I really wish there was an Indian South Park because there are a shit ton of topics waiting to be fucked with. But I know that will never happen and maybe that’s why I’m so taken with the show. But either way, these two guys are my personal heroes and I just wanted to address that.