Me: Hello. Why, you seem to have a lot of peculiar growth on your body. Why is that? 

Him: It’s hair. It’s all over my body and it’s such a menace. 

Me: Why don’t you shave it off? 

Him: Because of my sister. Do you have a sister? 

Me: No, I do not have any siblings. 

Him: You should be grateful. At least you can shave your hair whenever you want to. 

Me: Yes, that is quite sad. Why are you so afraid of her though? 

Him: How dare you ask me about my sister? Did you just call her an ugly bitch? I’ll kill you if you say anything. 

Me: I never said anything. I have to take a file photo of you though. Is there anything you would like to say that could be attached with the photo? 

Him: Yes. People who are seeing my photo, Please help me, I really want to shave all the hair on my body but my sister won’t let me. I’m really afraid of her. My name is Pillow Talker. 

Below is a picture of Mr. Pillow Talker. All Rights Reserved. 

Me: Nice meeting you, Pillow Talker. Your sister is an ugly bitch.

Him: Haha, yeah.