I know that writing this post is a double edged sword because I am nobody to tell anyone what they should do with their lives and I cannot predict anyone’s future. And that’s a perfectly good argument to shoot my opinion down. But what I’m about to write is just my opinion and highly subjective. It’s just something I learnt through a personal story and actually it’s not even an opinion or advice, just something that I’ve been wondering since a while. Maybe you can clear this thought.

Close to two years ago I was interning at a Theatre festival in Mumbai. It was, of course, at Mumbai’s famed Prithvi Theatre in Juhu. Within the Prithvi compound is an extremely popular cafe, creatively named Prithvi Cafe. I’m a big Anurag Kashyap fan and it’s a pretty famous story that when he first came to Bombay, he worked as a waiter at said cafe for just food and accommodation and eventually got his break through plays. But that was in the mid 90’s. During the theatre festival I met another young individual at the cafe who was working as a waiter. He approached me randomly because I think that he thought I was of some importance because I had a badge on me. He told me he’s come all the way from Karnataka and wants to be an actor. He wanted to get training and was inquiring whether the theatre festival had any free acting workshops. I told him that they had already finished a few days back and suggested that he try at some proper acting school. He told me that he ran away from home and had no money to pay for those classes. I told him I’ll let him know if anything comes up. Obviously, nothing was going to come up. I was an intern, I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing half the time. Later that evening I saw him fumbling while taking orders and being shouted at by his colleagues because he was being clumsy. They were getting pissed at him because he did not speak Hindi at all and could only converse in broken English and Kannada, I think. I don’t know what happened to him after that but I did see him some time back in Prithvi cafe, still waiting on tables.

Now, according to me, it’s extremely pointless for him to come to Mumbai and try to become an actor. I’m not challenging his acting skills because I haven’t seen them but from a purely practical standpoint, I mean, c’mon, he’s probably never gonna make it here. He should’ve tried his hand in Karnataka, perhaps. Where he actually knows the language. And living in Mumbai, I’ve seen tons of cases of people who have come to make it big and their main priority is to become famous. Which, in any line of work, is pointless. 

The point I’m trying to make is that most of the times, dreams don’t come true, especially in artistic fields and more so when people only want to be popular and appear on the page 3 or some stupid shit like that. And with so many movies and other forms of pop culture forcing down the thought of following your dream, sometimes, you’ve gotta sit and evaluate your dreams from a practical perspective as well. I know I’ve done that every week ever since I decided to enter film making. I know I’m luckier than most to have had the resources to go to a college and everything. But I genuinely believe that passion alone is over rated and I would have never based anything solely on it, constantly working on  your field is much more important. But that’s just me. Because in my head, success is being good at your job. 

I know a lot of people will disagree with me. And that’s fine. I’m just talking about what I feel from time to time. 

P.S – Fuck the Bollywood movie, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (the image attached with this post). It’s the most pissing off, pointless movie in recent times which has made so many idiots think they are photographers but really just know how to make a photo black and white. That’s the kind of movie I was referring to that makes your passion sound like a dream life but it’s actually packed with self hatred and unemployment.