This, as you can tell, is part five of an ongoing short story. Please start reading from part one for context. Thank you. 

There is a dog. Right there. About 50 yards away. He’s staring at me. I think he knows what’s going on. He knows I’m being violated. I hope he comes over here and protects me from this harassment. I don’t know what I feel about this. One Tit Lady is still smiling and rubbing my crotch. She wants to go for the zip but I don’t want her to. I should say something again “STOP!”. That didn’t work. I probably shouldn’t use physical force against her though, she must have already been through a lot. 

This is so embarrassing, I’m getting a hard on. But I shouldn’t be. I don’t want her to touch my penis. I know she gave me that bottle of water but what’s wrong is wrong. That tit does look beautiful though. And I really like yellow lighting. This street light is doing a good job of casting a nice shimmering beam on it. Maybe I should let her do it, you know. Let her decide what she wants to do with me. All her life people have decided her fate for her. I bet she’s never had the choice of her own mate. This time, I’m going to let her have it. “Go on, One Tit Lady. I’m not going to stop you. You can do what you feel like with me.” I should just close my eyes and let it all happen. Maybe I should sip on some water while she’s stroking me. Mmmm that water tastes good. This is really wrong but hey, who am I to decide a unanimous line of morality? 

My feet are still paining. I should open my eyes now. Wouldn’t it be just ironic if it wasn’t One Tit Lady down there anymore? No I don’t think it would be ironic, I can’t think of the right term. I’ll figure that out later. Ah, she’s still there. Look at her. So happy while stroking. She looks a little weird though. But who am I to judge? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I just came. There, my manhood is safely zipped up again. “You want some water?” She’s violently shaking her head and skipping away. What a weird lady. What a great experience. “THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, ONE TIT LADY”. I wonder where she’s from. Should’ve asked her. Anyway, I should probably keep walking towards home. That dog hasn’t even moved from its position in so long. Fuck him if he doesn’t want to play with me. 

Hey there’s a car approaching. I should probably move to the sidewalk. Wouldn’t want to be run over by some asshole. Fuck, it’s a cop. I hope I don’t smell of pot. He’s pulling up next to me. But it’s okay, I didn’t do anything wrong. “Have you seen this girl in this wonderful vicinity?” Hey, that looks like One Tit Lady. She might be in trouble. These guys look tough I should just lie and send them the other way. “No, officer. But what’s the issue?” “A 14 year old girl with a mental disability has absconded from the hospital, please contact us if you see her anywhere. We saw her running this way.” 

I really need all the drugs and dogs right now. I might have to kill myself out of decency.