A mechanically controlled toy train slowly travels across the 50 feet long conference table in the special strategy room of the prestigious, 100 year old organisation, ‘Titsinmyballs’. The train crosses the several Super Important Senior Specialist CEO MD Managerial Interns who are sitting on the double rubber cushioned black leather seats with extra bounce for triple the comfort, on either side of the aforementioned 50 feet long table. The train is carrying just one tiny compartment which has a small letter inside of it. Addressed to one lucky Super Important Senior Specialist CEO MD Managerial Intern, who will be the next owner of the company. But who will it be? That’s the question. The whole nation is watching on their personalized T.V sets, sponsored by ‘FagWhore’ of course, the country’s leading rectum suppository manufacturer. Some say FagWhore is doing this for the publicity but they seem to be pretty honest about it. 

But FagWhore is not the one in focus tonight. The sole focus tonight is who gets to be the new owner of Titsinmyballs. Will it be Mrs. Please Don’t? The leader of the South West Division of the North wing? Or will it be Mr. Sir Mister? The first person of the dwarf community to be a part of this elite club. Of course, the problem is that there can only be one winner out of this long and illustrious club.

But let’s not look at the downside, viewers. I’m your host, the one and only, Enthu Toast and I’m about to tell you the the benefits of winning this competition. Here is the list of prizes to be won:

  1. Three Tonnes of Canned Musk Melon juice, sponsored by Ass Time Biscuits.
  2. Four nights of exclusive fun with 14 male and 14 female Crussian models, only in an appropriate and non sexual manner. Sponsored by Yours truly. (Not me, the cocaine brand)
  3. An evening snack date with the worst human being on this planet and co incidentally Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan. Sponsored by Mediocrity and the Indian Justice System.  
  4. And lastly, a lifetime supply of free can openers, sponsored by Not Tonight Condoms.

 So let’s tune back to see who will be the winner of all these glorious prizes. 

Well, I can tell you one thing for sure, It’s not going to be me. And sometimes I ask myself, why not? Why can’t it be me? Because I’m not good enough perhaps. I can never achieve so much in life. If only I could get all these prizes. My life would be perfect. I don’t know what to believe in anymore, dear viewers. My life is in shambles. I’m just a lowly T.V host. I wish I could be one of the Super Important Senior Specialist CEO MD Managerial Interns sitting on that table this fine evening, sponsored by FagWhore. It’s done. I’m going to shoot myself. Right in front of all of you. If I cannot be one of them, there’s no point in living. There’s nothing left to aspire towards other than those illustrious prizes. I’m about to kill myself with this handgun. But it’s not just any handgun, it’s the Super Saving, Earth Friendly, Meninist, Feminist, Go Green Nine Millimeter from the only brand who cares about your suicide needs, ‘Just Do It’.