As you can tell from the title, I’m currently pursuing film making. At this point I’m a writer at a Production House. I hope to make my own films after a while, shorts or features. Either way, films are films. But I’m not really going to dwell on that in this post. Instead, I’m going to talk about the shit that I probably cannot pursue. 

I value Music and Stand Up Comedy way above films as art forms. I’m not comparing different forms of art, just the amount of importance I, as an individual, assign to them. I’ve always wanted to pursue music and let’s face it, everybody wants to be a musician. It’s just something that everyone wishes that they had a knack for, and I’m a part of that large group. It’s probably because playing an instrument or singing songs must be such an insane experience. I’m just guessing because I wouldn’t really know. And trust me, I’ve tried to learn music. I’m just too much of a lazy asshole. I’ve tried learning the drums twice and the guitar at least 5 different times. I’m too impatient. And that’s the key. Music is something that you have to give time to. There’s no way you can learn any instrument perfectly (perfect for lack of a better word) within one, two or even 10 years. You have to keep at it for a lifetime and then you might get good at it. Unlike Films, where literally anyone with a camera can be called a “Film Maker”. You’ll be a shitty one, but after learning the basic craft and some semblance of what story you want to tell, you’ll probably get good at it if you just keep doing for a while. So even though film making requires effort, in the long run, there’s no match with music. Because music literally comes from inside your brain. You have to invent a sound in your head and then see if it applies to whatever instrument you’re working on. Or maybe even the other way round. Either way, I don’t know how these guys do it. 

The other art form I would love to pursue is, as I mentioned above, Stand Up Comedy. Unlike films or music, this requires NO physical effort. That’s the beauty of it. Comedy is something that comes from within. Sure you can train yourself and you might get decent but if you don’t have it in you, you’ll never be great, and that’s the point in any art form if you ask me. There’s no point in being just good at it, you have to be great. That’s about it. Comedy is, I believe, the laziest but the most brutal form of performance art that exists. For the simple reason that there is absolutely NOTHING worse and more cringe worthy than watching a guy who’s not funny, try to be funny. It’s the worst feeling on the planet. For the viewer and the performer. I’ve tried an open mic once and I obviously tanked. There’s nothing worse than that. It just crushes you and more importantly, crushes the ears of the people who had to sit through your awkward, unfunny, presence while you creepily try to make them laugh. It’s very simple, some guys have it, others don’t. Unfortunately I’m a part of the latter group. That’s also the reason why I respect great comics so much and just loathe the vast majority of the horrible, fuck all ones. In fact, I think George Carlin, Louis C.K and Dave Chappelle have taught me about screenwriting and timing much more than legit screenwriters. Not in terms of structure, just how to keep an audience interested. 

So basically films were at number three out of my ideal career choices. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing/directing/watching films but it would’ve been way better if I could pursue either of the other two paths. I mean I’m not dead yet, so I could still get into them, but for now, I’m just going to try to be great at making films because that would be the only justifiable parallel to not making music or doing stand up.