This, as you can tell, is part four of an ongoing short story. Please start reading from part one for context. Thank you. 

I feel like puking again. I guess I should just sip on some water. Yeah, that’s better. I should gargle too. That should clear my throat up. Should I spit it out on the road? Or should I just swallow it? I’ve already puked once so it really shouldn’t matter. I don’t even know if spitting is a crime in India. I think I saw a spitting fine at a railway station once. The water’s getting warm in my mouth now. I should take a decision soon. It’s not like anyone is going to catch me. Ah well, nobody’s here anyway. I should just spit it. There. So much better. 

My head aches. I kind of miss one tit lady. She was so nice. She must be in a really poor financial condition. I mean she’s selling her body to make ends meet. So I’m guessing she isn’t exactly rolling in the green. The least I could do is compensate her for giving me that sealed bottle of tasty water. Yeah, that would be the right thing to do. I should walk back to her spot. But my feet hurt. I should stop being selfish. Yes. I might reach home a little later but this is a good deed. 

I feel pretty good about myself. A woman like her would have seen so many hardships in life. I’m sure this kind action by a stranger would warm her heart. The same way she taught me not to judge people. I hope she’s still there. Ah, I’m sure she wouldn’t have gone too far. Its been only five minutes. 

There she is. Standing under that striking yellow light showing her wares. One tit still hanging out gloriously while the light gently bounces off it. She sees me. She’s smiling. I think she knew I would return. This is great. I feel proud of myself. I should take my wallet out and see if I have any change. There it is. 50 rupees should cover it. “Here. Thanks a lot for the water.” Wait. She just slapped the note out of my hand. Why would she do something like that? She looks happy. WHAT THE FUCK?! “HEY! STOP TOUCHING MY PENIS, KIND LADY!” This is turning out to be a scary situation. There aren’t even any dogs around.