This is, as you can tell from the title, part three of a short story that I’m writing. So please read Part One and Two for context. Thank You. 

She’s starting to shout now. I probably shouldn’t turn around. Just keep walking. Homeless people can be dangerous. I think I might throw up again. No. All good. I really need some water though. Should’ve just stayed back at the party. So dark, I can’t see shit. There are probably snakes lurking around in this area. And I’m wearing flip flops. It’d be so easy for a snake to just bite me on my toe or something. I probably wouldn’t even find out anything till I reach home. But then again it could be some super venomous one that could make me collapse right here. I’ll probably die before someone finds me.

I hate these bushes. I’m sure there are snakes here. Best to just rush through them. Fuck, I might just piss myself. That’d be embarrassing, but it’s okay because no one would be around to laugh. I swear I heard a snake ‘hiss’ right now. Or was it a cricket? Ah, I’m probably just tripping. Just a little bit more and the bushes will be over. I wish the torch could work right now. I can still hear the hooker shouting. I should probably call the police. But they might question me. Cops can be assholes that way, I know they’re doing their jobs but it’s just a pain to deal with them. Plus I’m on drugs. Only pot but I doubt the cops would be liberal like that. Why don’t they just legalize pot already? It’s supposed to be safer than tobacco. Or is it the other way around? I don’t know. Ah, finally the bushes are over.

This shouting thing is really going to play on my conscience. I should at least look back and see what’s happening. But if something fucked up is going on then I should try to stop it. But there’s no fucking way I’m going through the bushes again. Molestation is a crime but snakes are still predators. But if I don’t go then it’s going to really play on my conscience. I sure as shit wouldn’t want that. Fuck it, I’ll just take a look. 

She’s just laughing. It looks like the homeless dude is tickling her. Fuck, what a weird night. Why do these bizarre things happen only when I’m high and alone? I should really walk a little faster. There are not even any dogs around to cheer me up. This is just depressing. I wonder how much longer I’ll have to walk. I hope there’s water at home. It would be really annoying if I have to walk all the way back to find water. I wish I stayed in one of those fancy western countries where I could just smoothly drink water from the tap without getting sick. That would be just the thing. But then I would also have to use toilet paper to wipe my ass. I guess that would suck. Is that another hooker? Fuck, this area is brimming with hormones. And so am I. But I can’t do it with any of these creatures. They look awful. Also, I mean, It’s kind of wrong. And risky too. Don’t need that shit in my life. Just need some water.

Hey that hooker is holding a bottle of water. Isn’t that convenient? The apartment is still a little far off. Would it be weird if I ask her? It probably would be weird. But my mouth really stinks from all that vomit. I don’t think I can take it too long. She’s walking towards me. Oh and the bottle is sealed too. There’s no chance of a sexually transmitted disease either. That’s just great. I should ask her. But she looks scary. And she’s partially naked. Why is she keeping one tit uncovered? Probably just freeing the nipple. Good on her. Fuck, she saw me staring at her. She’s looking straight at me. “I’m sorry”. I’m such a faggot, who says that? I hate myself. Just look away and keep walking. 
Hey, that’s nice of her. She left the bottle on the floor. She’s walking away now. What a wonderful lady. Oh, that water tastes good. “Thank you, One tit lady!” That was really nice of her. This makes the night so much better. 

I should really stop being so cynical of people. That whore was so nice. Wonder how she knew I wanted water so badly. Fuck it. Doesn’t really matter I guess. I should keep walking. This road is really badly lit and my feet are paining. The water makes it better though. Now only if I can meet another dog…