This is, as you can tell from the title, part two of a short story that I’m writing. So please read Part One for context. Thank You. 

It’s more likely that I won’t meet another one. Dogs have been thinning out in this area. Maybe people are killing them. Or maybe someone is adopting or vaccinating them. That’d be pretty nice. I’d rather believe in the nice thing.
Fuck, what is happening to this road?! It’s almost as if it’s getting longer every time I take a step. Like a scene from a fuck all, pretentious, student film. The kind where they’d use words like “liberating” or “abyss”. Makes me wanna puke. Or maybe that’s just the alcohol churning in my stomach. I can feel it making its way to my neck. That ugly taste of some undigested, impure, adulterated liquid that my oh-so-young body couldn’t handle. I should probably puke on the side of the road. I don’t know how it would make anything better for anyone, it just sounds like a nice thing to do. And I don’t want to be an asshole to whoever cleans this road. If I’m going to make him clean my waste, at least I’m going to make it convenient for him. 

Ah, that’s better. I could use some water right now. But no shops will be open at this hour. I’ll just have to wait till I reach home. My feet are starting to hurt now. I wish I owned a scooter or something. It would be so much more convenient. Now my torch has stopped working. Fucking stupid phone. Should’ve just listened to the salesman. He told me I should buy the more expensive model, I just had to be a commie prick about it. 

HOLY SHIT! That’s a hooker. Hahaha, wait…Yeah, that is a hooker, or prostitute. Or Sex worker. Whatever she prefers. Damn, that make up looks gaudy. Wonder what kind of people would be into that kind of thing. She’s probably a he anyway, with a big, brown…oh look, another dog. “Who’s a good boy?!” And he’s wagging his tail too. Man this is just brilliant. I’ve met two dogs in one night. This never happens. Anyway, “Bye dog”. 

I should change the song playing in my earphones now, I’ve heard it too many times. Is that a homeless guy? He’s awake. Best not to make eye contact. Ah shit, now the hooker is cat calling me. Just walk faster. Wait. Why am I scared? She charges people to sleep with her? Why would she rape me? Wouldn’t that be counter productive? Now the homeless guy is walking towards her. This could be interesting. She doesn’t seem to be catcalling him. She’s scared of him. Wonder why. Anyway, fuck that. I really need some water.